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We seek a world of hope, tolerance and social justice, where poverty has been overcome and people live in dignity and security.  


To educate and enable self reliance and sustainable development in communities.
To provide effective and efficient relief services to people affected by calamities, to educate communities and promote public awareness on calamities safety. 



To promote and provide immediate relief measures to people suffering from calamities such as epidemics, droughts, hunger, loss of shelter, clothing, etc by providing food, clothes, rescue operations, feeding stations, shelter, cleaning supplies, comfort kits, first aid, emergency transportation, assistance with rent, home repairs and household items, medical supplies, etc. 
To raise awareness to NGO’S, researches and policy makers to enable them to participate in decision making and working on natural resource management, including the formulation of policy and legislation to create an enabling environment for collaborative natural resource management. 
To provide additional assistance for long term recovery when other relief assistance or personal resources are not adequate to meet disaster caused needs. 

To accept gifts, donations, clothing, food and advice of any kind from all over the world.


We are now active in Kilosa District, Tanzania with the following projects:

1. Supporting digging of wells and constructions for water supply.

2. Supporting installations of small scale solar power systems.

3. Supporting Mazinyungu Primary School in Kilosa Town with
a. sun lotion for albino children at the school.
b. paper and other equipment for blind children.

4. Supporting St Joseph Catholic Preschool for children between 3-5 years. For exemple there is a big need for a school bus.

5. Supporting teen age mothers to be able to continue to study.

6. We are going to make a documentary movie about life in the small town Kilosa at the countryside in Tanzania, "Half a dollar a day".

7. We are also supporting innovation initiatives for creating a better and meaningful life for African citizens. The African continent needs African solutions.

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Peter Ola Thorbiornson
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